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I'm Katie.

I'm a writer, an educator, and the creator of Sincerely Mindful.


Over the last several years, I began noticing myself leaning into self-reflection, values-driven action, and simplification. These three things were born at different times and independently of one another, but they really seemed to be driving my decisions and my direction in meaningful ways. 


More recently, I interviewed for a promotion in the school district I'd spent 14 years serving, and I didn't get the job. I'd be understating my reaction to say that I was devastated. I was confused, I felt undervalued, and I felt angry. I spent a good deal of time in this frame of mind and developed some challenging stress responses. 


As I began the process of recovery, it was clear to me that I needed to develop some strategies to deal with the stress and anxiety. I sought therapy which supported my tendencies of self-reflection, I began writing regularly which fostered my intentions around values-driven action, and I took a course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.


It was through the MBSR course I took, and through my writing and therapy, where I began seeing some major patterns develop. I noticed that the tenets I began leaning into years before taking the shape of an improved version of myself, one who lives more mindfully, more practically, and more simply.


I believe that being an authentic version of ourselves is one key to thriving in spite of the challenges we face. Sincerely Mindful is a space where we recognize that to face challenge is to be human, and how we face those challenges can make the difference in living an authentic life that supports growth and contentment. At the core of Sincerely Mindful is this mission: to support individuals as they explore practical and authentic ways to squeeze a bit more mindfulness into their lives. In the spirit of authenticity, Sincerely Mindful was born of my passions for writing and mindful living.

Browse my site to see what I’ve been up to and to learn more about what makes me tick. While you're here, learn more about what excites and energizes you as well.

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