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Swaps for Better Emotional Health

Incorporating simple and practical strategies where the barrier is low and the goal is accessible can be a great entry point into living more mindfully. I discovered the art of mindfulness when I needed it most, and at that point in my life, my barriers were incredibly high. My vision as blurry as it could get, I wasn't able to see many entry points for practicing mindfulness.

Fortunately for me, the goals were clear: my self-confidence needed support, I was thirsty for some wins, and my perspective demanded a shift. One of the things I began doing to shift my thinking was something that supported all of my goals: I started swapping defeatist thinking for more constructive perspectives. The hardest part about this was that it was a change of course; otherwise, it was a simple switch that led to much more productive thinking.

At a time in my life where my barriers were at an all-time high, I found one I could step over. During a period where I had only a few entry points for change, I discovered one. Let me explain how I incorporated swaps for better emotional health.

Emotional Barrier

Simple Swaps of Perspective for Better Emotional Health

When you have a thought that your intuition tells you is rather defeatist, consider opposite or parallel ways, you can think about it. I'm not the person to go to for advice on time travel, but I picture it like a parallel universe, one that can exist at the same time, or in place of, the catastrophic one I'm picturing. For example:

  • Instead of, "I'm so scared because I know I won't be perfect."

    • Try this opposite perspective: "I'm excited for all the opportunities for improvement."

    • Try this parallel perspective: "I'm going to follow my passions, imperfection be damned."

  • Instead of, "It didn't work in the past, so why would it work now?"

    • Try this opposite perspective: "It didn't work before, so I'm better equipped now."

    • Try this parallel perspective: "This present moment has infinite possibilities, and I'm living for now rather than for the past."

  • Instead of, "What if something bad happens?"

    • Try this opposite perspective: "What if something good happens?"

    • Try this parallel perspective: "What if something great happens?!"

Simple shifts in perspectives can make a monumental difference. What is something on which you might benefit from shifting your perspective? What language can you use to change your thinking?

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